A Church of Christ in Cuba
Report on the Trip to Cuba
By:  Juan Rodriguez, Jr.

Cuba001.jpg (26498 bytes) Brother Orlando Dago Rodriguez and his wife Mirella.  Brother Orlando is the preacher for this congregation in Cuba
Cuba002.jpg (31475 bytes) The Church of Christ at Puerta de Golpe, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
Cuba003.jpg (38931 bytes) The first worship service that we had in the Island during our trip.  Some of the members and visitors of the congregation.
Cuba004.jpg (21958 bytes) Brother Osmani Planas, one of the leaders of the congregation at Puerta de Golpe.  He is 26 years old.  Very energetic young man and willing to do what is right.
Cuba005.jpg (22789 bytes) Eating in one of the homes in Puerta de Golpe.  Brother Jaime Contreras, the preacher in Mexico City, Brother Osmani Planas and Brother Lazaro.
Cuba006.jpg (19458 bytes) The little town of Puerta de Golpe, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
Cuba007.jpg (18891 bytes) Orlando Dago Rodriguez, Juan Rodriguez, Jr., and Jaime Contreras in one of the members' homes.
Cuba008.jpg (41270 bytes) Downtown La Habana, Cuba.  You can see the old car.
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