Elvah  (Blankenship)  Jones

Happy 60th Birthday !
April 28th

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My dad loved me very much
His smile says it all
Even though I'm not very tall

Talent should have been my name
See I cannot walk or talk, but can I sit alone???
Look closely behind me :-)

I know my mom liked me best
‘cause there are more pictures of me
but . . . I did share the "limelight" once

Oh my!  A school picture

Aunt Rene (Irene Howard)
Her son (Michael Howard)
And that troublesome little sister

1952 photo of the family

Me at Grandmother & Granddaddy Cryer’s house
San Angelo, Texas
Just look at my fine hat

A Church dinner in Sycamore Park
Fort Worth, Texas
Me with my cousin Bobby Cryer

Graduation, June 1955


What can I say – a beauty to behold!
Me and my dazzling smile!

Cleaning out drawer

Ready for Church

Me with my new "after surgery" hairdo
and my favorite niece, Tricia!

I bit the bullet and said "I do"

Pickle, pickle, don’t make me sour

Here I am at 57 and enjoying life!
Just what do you think 60 will bring?!!

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Photos & Captions Submitted by
Elvah's Troublesome Little Sister, Molly Baldwin

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