Sulphur In The Past
4th of July Meetings in Sulphur, Oklahoma

The following pictures were taken at the Sulphur 4th of July Meetings on or  before 1958

Clovis + Velma CookFred KirboJames Orten + Juney BranchJean Keel RoeJohnny Elmore + Lynwood Smith + Wayne DeGough + Ted WarwickMaurice Chandler + Ina SmithYes!  Proves Miles King was young oncePaul Mackey + Leo ChandlerPreachers  7-4-56  Sulphur MeetingTheston Branch + Randy + KathyTidmoreWayne FussellTommy Shaw + Charles Goodgion.BillyOrten+OtherPreachersPinkyBryant+LynwoodSmith+BillyOrten

Sulphur 4th of July Meeting 1963

Wayne Fussell - 1963

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