52nd Annual
Texas Labor Day Meeting
September 4-7

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52nd  ANNUAL

September  4 - 7, 1998

Carpenter's Performance Hall
3333 N. MacArthur Blvd
Irving, Texas

Hosted By:  Red Oak Congregation
For Infomation Call: 
Gerald Hill ~ 972-617-3512
John Sanders ~ 972-617-2274


From Hwy 183
Take MacArthur Blvd Exit
Go North 1 Mile
(South of MacArthur High School)
From Hwy 114
Take MacArthur Blvd Exit
Go South 3 Miles
(South of MacArthur High School)


Theme:    The   Life  of  Christ
Friday  7:30 pm The Birth of Christ Glen Ballard
  The Life of Christ Bobby Cunningham
Saturday  6:00 pm The Death of Christ (Why Jesus Died) Bill Davis
  The Resurrection Carl Johnson
Sunday  6:00 pm The Cross, Baptism, & the Lord's Supper Wayne Fussell
  The Establishment of the Church Wayne McKamie
Monday  9:30 am The Great Commission Jerry Dickinson
  The Second Coming Terry Baze


Sunday Morning Services
10:30  am Red Oak Congregation Carl Johnson
10:30  am Allen Congregation Jerry Dickinson
10:00  am Arlington Congregation  
10:30  am Duncanville Congregation Cullen Smith
10:30  am Fossil Creek Congregation Wayne McKamie
10:30  am Frisco Congregation  
  2:00  pm Robin Road Congregation  (Spanish)  
10:00  am Robin Road Congregation
Last Service at this Location:  New Loc~Rockwall
Glen Ballard

A block of rooms has been reserved for members of the Church of Christ at the Holiday Inn in Irving.  To reserve a room at the reduced rate you must tell them that you are with the Church.  You must call for reservations, walk-ins cannot get a room at the reduced rate.  The room rate is $59.00 per night.

Holiday Inn
Hwy 183  &  Esters  (4440 W Airport Freeway)
Irving, Texas
972-399-1010  or  800-360-2242

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