Birthday Party
Rebecca Lynn Baze  ~~~  Tyler, TX
August 2, 1998

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"Life  Begins  At  40"
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August 2, 1958 ~ 1998

Becky Baze was honored on Sunday night, August 2, 1998 with a surprise "40th Birthday Bash."  Terry (her husband) had begun a gospel meeting in Corsicana, Texas that Sunday morning, and had taken all his family except for Drew, in addition to his parents, Alfred and Carrie Baze, and Becky's mother, Johnette King, with him.   After the evening services, about 45 Church members here in Tyler all congregated at the Baze's Home, parking their cars two blocks away, and were situated out of sight when the Bazes returned from Corsicana.  The look on Becky's face was something to behold the minute she walked in the door!

Entertainment was provided during the course of the evening as follows:

1.    A song by Terry Baze entitled: "THE OLDER (Closer) YOU GET"

2.    A song by Marisa Jiwa and Shelley Sparks entitled:  "A WHOLE NEW WORLD"

3.    A song by Katrina Baze entitled:  I HOPE THAT YOUR HEART GOES ON"

4.    A "EULOGY"  to Becky recited by her sister, Jeannie Furr

Refreshments of finger foods and an "over-the -hill" cake were enjoyed by all.  WELCOME TO THE 40's CLUB, BECKY.  GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU IN HIS CARE in the days ahead !!!

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