JR + Missouri Tidmore
   J.R. & Missouri Tidmore

JR Tidmore, his family & congregation at Golden, OK
J. R. Tidmore

His Family, and the Congregation at Golden


JR+his-parents+broth+sis.jpg (66109 bytes)

J.R.'s Parents, Brothers & Sisters

(J.R. is second from right)

Tom E Smith & JR Tidmore

Tom E. Smith  &  J. R. Tidmore

In Front of the Old Church Building at Golden, Oklahoma

The Following Are J.R. Tidmore's
Sermon Outline Charts

2 Laws of Adoption So Great A Cloud of Witnesses Sin of Division What Shall We Do With Jesus ? Cain & Abel Even Balance The Greatness of the Church Gospel The Gospel Wheel Sources of Temptations Almost Thou Persuadest Me To Be A Christian Baptism The Kingdom of Christ Memory

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