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To the best of our knowledge, the listed congregations conduct their worship services according to the scriptural pattern you can read about in the New Testament, as follows:


The speaking in all assemblies is done by faithful men only, one at a time, and the assemblies are not divided into Bible classes, groups, or Sunday schools.
2. All men leading the services are baptized believers who practice and adhere to sound Bible doctrine.


Prayers are prayed in the name of Jesus Christ to thank God for His rich blessings and to request His continued help.
4. All music is a cappella, "the way of the Church" (vocal only with no instrumental accompaniment).


Communion (the Lord’s Supper) is observed every Sunday with one loaf of unleavened bread, from which each participant breaks and eats, and one cup containing fruit of the vine (grape juice) from which each participant drinks.


The "collection for the saints" is gathered every Sunday with each disciple giving of his means as he has purposed in his heart and as he has been prospered.

Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, the listed congregations follow the above Bible pattern in faith and practice; however, it is solely YOUR responsibility to ascertain a congregation’s location and faithfulness before attending its services. This list is provided merely as a starting point for your investigation. Please do not confuse this Directory with the Lamb's Book of Life--the latter is perfect and determines your eternal destiny. The former is human and imperfect; it is intended solely as a guide for locating a place to worship scripturally while you are in an unfamiliar area. The Directory never should be used to determine to whom the right hand of fellowship should be extended. For yourself and your family’s sake, it is strongly suggested that you seriously consider the whole counsel of God when choosing a congregation to visit, and it is extremely important when choosing a home congregation.