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Gospel Meeting notices are posted on this site showing the "date," "congregation," and "preacher" (including links to a congregation's directory data and preacher's information).  This basic information is posted at no charge.  Also, at no charge, we automatically email a monthly notice of all listed meetings for the month.


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Note: Preachers can now have their bio/history/pictures/sermon outlines/articles listed on their preacher page.

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In addition to the basic listing, we can link to and design special announcement pages containing all the details, including maps, times, contact people, hotel information, special information, or any other information you provide. The total cost for this service is $200.  If you design the page and send it to us in HTML format completely ready to publish, we will post it and also link it from the Gospel Meetings page, all for $25. These ads will give additional publicity for your meeting.
These ads also will help us meet our expenses for maintaining this site; however, we are happy to post the basic listing at no charge.

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Note:  Any other info should be presented on an "Additional Information" web page.

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~~~OR email us what you want in the ad (Note: If you have more than one file, you can zip it and send us) : Gospel@nt-c.org 817-710-4291 )

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Also, one week prior to your meeting, we can send out a special bulk email reminder to brothers and sisters in selected areas for a charge of $50. This is similar to a congregation's running a newspaper ad (several congregations have found this method beneficial). This email reminder is different from the regular monthly email announcement because it specifically announces your meeting, is sent one week before your meeting, and can be targeted to areas you choose. Just check the appropriate option below, and we will do the rest.
If you have choosen any of the above upload file options for website pages, we can use that same info in your bulk email announcement at no extra charge. If you only want to do a bulk email ad announcement... only check the "Use for Bulk Email Announcement" box. The same charges will apply, but fees will NOT be doubled and if both boxes are checked, still the fees will NOT be doubled.

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