As the sounds of the cross
Echo in our mind,
We look at our Lord
As Heís hanging there.

And what we find,
As we gaze at that one,
Godís own Son,
Is a man dying in pain.

And then we remember,
Thatís why He came.

Even if the soldiers thought
They put Him there.
Let us remember,
Let us beware,
Of what Heíd already said.

"You do not take my life,
I lay it down."

And, as we hear the sounds
That echo round, 
We realize that even as He died.
Even as to the Father He cried,
He died exactly as planned.

He was still in control.
He was fulfilling His role,
As the Son of God, the Son of Man.

© Pansy Hundley  1-1-2003

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