Northwest Thanksgiving Meeting - 2002
Kennewick, Washington

Don McCord of Covina CA. preached the 50th annual Northwest Thanksgiving Meeting hosted this year by the Kennewick Washington congregation. This meeting was first held in 1952 by the Yakima Washington congregation with Paul Nichols preaching. Over the years, about 8 congregations have shared this meeting keeping it going for 50 years!! This year's meeting was attended by members of the following 13 congregations (in no particular order):

Kennewick, Washington
Melba (Nampa), Idaho
Wilsonville, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Albany, Oregon
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Bakersfield, California
Ceres, California
Denver, Colorado
Covina, California
Orange, California 
Odell, Oregon 
Medical Lake, Washington

Next year's meeting will be hosted by either the Salem, Oregon or Melba, Idaho congregation.
Ralph Osburn

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