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2-5 ABCBIBLE - Helps you learn the ABC's using Bible images and sound [DOS or Windows] (876.0 K) ABCBIBLE.ZIP
  Adventures in the Old Testament 2.0 - Interactive story with graphics and sound [DOS or Windows] (751.4 K) AOT_20.ZIP
12 -up Adventures With Chickens 3.00 - A whimsical Christian action, puzzle, and adventure game for Windows 95/NT. Your goal is to rescue purple Chickens from suffocating in the harsh confines of deep space. Along the way you get a healthy dose of the Word of God [Windows or NT] (1.30 M) CHICKSW.ZIP
12 -up Bible Baseball - Fun Baseball game where you answer Bible questions to score. Has graphics and sound [Windows]  (225.1 K) BASEBALL.ZIP
12 -up Bible Baseball for Windows Editor 2.5 - Use to add, modify, or delete questions for the above Bible Baseball  [Windows]  (135.0 K) BBEDIT.ZIP
14 -up Bible Concentration 3.0 - Great game where you have to match Bible pictures before you can solve the visual puzzle. Graphics and sound. Freeware [DOS or Windows] (1014.1 K) CONCENT.ZIP
14 -up Bible Crossword Puzzles 1.3 - Solve Bible related crossword puzzles  [Windows]  (325.4 K) BXWORD13.ZIP
12 -up Bible Memory and Bible Word Search - Game which combines Bible Memory and Word search puzzles [Windows & NT] (5.42 M) MEMORIZE.ZIP
4 -up Bible Paint and Learn 3.0 - One of the best Bible based electronic coloring book programs we have seen! Kids can draw, paint, and print from a selection of many Bible images. Great graphics and sound effects. Freeware [DOS & Windows] (878.9 K) PAINT.ZIP
12 -up Bible Puzzles and Devo - Christian graphic puzzle and riddle game [Windows] (1.27 M) BIBLEPZZ.ZIP
2-12 Creation Station 1.01 - Fun, easy to use Bible based electronic coloring book. Shareware [Windows] (937.8 K) CSTATION.ZIP
All Crossing the Red Sea 3.0 - Fun, animated Bible quiz game for the whole family. Helps you learn about the Bible. Entertaining graphics and animation. Shareware [Windows] (508.3 K) REDSEA.ZIP
12 -up Fall of Jericho 3.0 - The Fall of Jericho is an animated Bible Question and Answer game. Travel from Egypt to the Promised Land by answering Bible questions. Be the first player to reach Jericho and watch the walls come crashing down! Freeware [Dos or Windows] (493.7 K) JERICHO.ZIP
12 -up Grape Vine 4.2 - Hangman like game where you complete scripture passages. Watch out for the falling grapes! Graphics, Shareware [DOS or Windows] (219.8 K) VINE420.ZIP
12 -up Know Your Bible 2.1 - Learn the New Testament Bible books. The registered version has more Bible memory games [Windows] (2.04 M) KYBIBLE.ZIP
14 -up Questions from the Bible 1.3  [DOS]  (163.8 K) QBIBLE13.ZIP
14 -up Scripture Challenge 1.40 - Question and Answer Game about the Bible with over 3600 questions  [Windows] (544.5 K) CHALL140.ZIP
14 -up Scripture Scholar 1.30 - Create your own Bible quizzes  [Windows] (669.8 K) SCHOL130.ZIP
14 -up Tobiah's Quest 1.0 - Graphical quest adventure game  [DOS & Windows] (1.35 M) TOBIAH.ZIP
12 -up Treasures in Heaven 2.0 - Treasures in Heaven is a board style game that teaches and tests Bible knowledge by means of "hyper flash card" type questions [Windows] (410.8 K) 20TREAS.ZIP
14 -up Trivia Puzzle Game (Religious Trivia) - Answer Bible trivia and solve picture puzzles [Windows] (2.16 M) TPGV2.ZIP
3-7 Where's Noah? 2.0 - A superb graphical Bible game for children. Teaches Bible stories, shapes, puzzles, and more! Great sound and graphics. Freeware [DOS or Windows] (1.14 M) WNOAH.ZIP
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