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The sites listed have been reviewed closely for "Favorite Links" status and have been found to be very well put together. But more important, we have found them to proclaim the truth about God's Word. We are in the process of viewing others. If you see any error on our site or any of these that we endorse, you would do us a great service by showing both us and the sites listed here the error of our ways.  Each site is maintained independently by different individuals, in different parts of the country, however we trust governed by the same manual, the "Book," the "Word of God," the Holy Bible. If you would like to have your site added to our "Favorite Links," then please give us your URL site address, and we will be happy to review it, add it or tell you why it does not mirror the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. gospel@NewTestamentChurch.org

Clint Defrance     cdefrance87@yahoo.com
Sean McCallister     duke5457@yahoo.com
Bart Shaw     tbartshaw@hotmail.com
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Restoring New Testament Christianity
This site was designed and setup by the late
Lonnie K. York

Iglesia de Cristo

Cursos Biblicos
Randy Tidmore
Contact Us
McAlester, Oklahoma
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The Christian Informer

Richard Nichols
Birmingham, AL

Living Letters

David Smith ~ James Leonard
Huntington, WV


Let The Bible Speak

Brethren from Mission Hills Congregation
Springfield, MO


Justin Murdock

Phillip Prince
Camp Ridgedale
Vanleer, TN
Ozark Church of Christ
Ozark, MO

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