Prayer request for Mike "Bear" George Everett

Prayer Request For Mike "Bear" George Everett
Portland OR 97329 USA
Congregation Fair Oaks Church of Christ
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Reporter Gary Chronicle
Prayer Reason Accute Myleoid Leukemia

Pray for:  Mike Bear Everett
I never like to be the bearer of bad/ sad news but, I wanted to let everyone that knows Mike “Bear” Everett Class of “81” has just been diagnosed with AML which stands for Acute Myleoid Leukemia.

In laymen’s terms it means Mike has cancer in his bone marrow and the doctor is wanting to start aggressive chemo treatment to hopefully kill all the cancer cells.

If Mike chooses not to do the more aggressive chemo treatment, he may have nine months left to live. If he choses to have the aggressive chemo treatment it could give him a minimum of 5 years life. Please pray for Mike and his siblings in this dire time.

Thank You,
Gary Chronicle



!! Updated on Bear!!

Mike Bear Everett is still in the hospital! He still needs lots of prayers. He had his bone marrow biopsy last week and it came back not as good as we hoped for. Surprisingly, he has more bad cells. Doctors are working on a new plan for treatment. Waiting to see what’s next. So please keep prayers coming. 🐻 Bear is in pretty good spirits. We will update as we know more. ♥️

Mike is my Brother-in- Law,  Carla Everett, Chronicle ( my wife), Mike’s sister, Dale Everett  and Donna Everett Fike ( Carla’s  other brother and sister)


Hi everyone. Just wanted to send out an update on Mike. He is up at OHSU for another round of chemo. His bone marrow transplant is scheduled for November 2nd. Once he has the transplant he will stay in the hospital for a few weeks, and then need to live within 30 minutes of the hospital for a few months. While there, his sister Carla will be staying with him to be his primary care giver while he recovers. It’s a long road but he is ready for the journey. Keep praying. Keep sending him well wishes and positive thoughts to lift his spirits. And if you feel inclined to send financial support there is a venmo account set up that goes directly to him. I know your love and support means a lot to him even though he may not reply to everyone, he sees the messages and feels the love. He is on a lot of different medications right now so that makes replying tricky sometimes.

Thank you all! We are praying for complete healing!  If anyone would like to send cards or encouraging words you can send them to the following address:

Mike “Bear” Everett
151 9th Street
Jefferson, OR 97352