By Dennis Crawford

It is very difficult to overthrow a false belief that for generations has been taught as "scientific fact," especially when a whole worldview is based on that idea.


Louis Pasteur proved many years ago that life cannot come from non-living things.  It has been the basis for much of the science and medicine we have today.  It takes life to bring forth life! This has been proven time and time again by scientists trying to prove the evolution theory. 


It turns out that "simple" cells (the ones from which every living thing is supposed to have evolved) are very complex in that they have to support most of the same functions as the higher animals (respiration, digestion, enzyme production, excretion, etc.). All of these complicated processes would have to come into existence simultaneously. So, then, how are these "simple" cells supposed to have evolved these processes simultaneously?


Evolution is not possible--it is proved false.  Each person, plant, and animal was created by God and reproduces only according to its own "kind." It is significant that the phrase "according to its kind" occurs ten times in the first chapter of Genesis. This fact gives us the proper concept of reproduction and is a proof that "God created the heavens and the earth." 

PURPOSE STATEMENT:  The fact that all things reproduce according to their kind is important for us to know--for those of us in school, for parents to teach their children, and for all of us so we can share this information with others. Let us notice some things about this important principle:  (1) The Seed Principle; (2) The Kind Principle; and (3) What This Means For Us.


What is a seed? The seed is the grain or kernel which contains within itself the germ of the future plant which produces the offspring or descendent.  Inside each created living organism is a "seed" programmed to enable the continuing replication, or pattern, of that type of organism.

What does the Bible say about it? Plants reproduce by "seeds," Genesis 1. The descendants of men are considered "seeds," Genesis 3:15; 4:25; and 22:18. Though evolution suggests that all living things come from the same ancestry, God says that living organisms remain permanently within their specific species, 1 Corinthians 15:38-39. Some illustrations of this principle are:  The parable of the sower, Matthew 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8; people are not saved because they are the physical seed of Abraham but because they are the spiritual seed--the seed of faith, Romans 4:13 and 1 Peter 1:22-23. 


The word "kind" means species, offspring, or descendent--that which is produced through a seed.  It is the nature of things, the order of nature. 

The principle of reproduction "according to its kind" separates one species from another.  Noah selected a pair from each "kind" of animal, Genesis 6:20; 7:14.  Unclean animals were separated by God "after their kind," Leviticus 11:14-29. The fact that some are considered clean, and some considered unclean, shows that evolution is false.  How could a clean animal come from an unclean one?

It has been proved by science:  Each type of living organism has its own unique structure of the DNA molecule and can only specify the reproduction of the same kind by the genetic code it contains.  This reinforces the Biblical principle of the stability of "kinds." Only life produces life, and there is no scientific evidence that the appearance of life from non-living substances occurs today, or ever has occurred. 

Every strand of DNA contains more information than an entire set of encyclopedias. There are millions of letters in an exact sequence.  If any letter is out of place there is a mutation, a disease, or physical flaw that results in an early death, not a stronger offspring.  The information is contained within "blocks" of data with each block controlling the reproduction of specific parts of our anatomy.  These blocks are separated by "Start" and "Stop" codes.  Today, modern computerized communication systems need start and stop codes to separate messages.  How did that technique get into DNA?  Some would tell us by natural causes.  I submit that it is the fingerprint of God. (Romans 1:19-20)

The principle of reproduction is probably the best-established law in the field of biology.  Experiments from such men as Redi, Pasteur, Tyndall, and a host of modern scientists, have demonstrated under all sorts of conditions that life only comes from life--and only a very similar form of life. In other words, something produces another of the same thing. 

This principle is nothing new to us today because we understand genetics and the law of heredity.  We do not get a chicken from a horse or a pig from a whale.  Why? Because things reproduce according to their kind! Moses was right all along--long before the science of genetics was discovered (around 1900)! God made it that way!

The "kind" principle was designed and ultimately produced by God. It was produced through parents (Acts 17:22-29; Hebrews 12:9).


The second law of thermodynamics says that left to itself, everything tends to become less ordered, not more ordered or complex.  This rule is an observation of the obvious:  things grow old, run down, and eventually die and/or decay. This is just the opposite of the evolutionary theory!


Seeds of one kind, or species, produce the same kind.  In the physical world, when an apple seed is planted it will produce only apple trees and apples. The Bible says in Luke 8:11 that the seed is the Word of God. In the spiritual world, when the Word is planted into people, and it is received and grows, it produces Christians! 

We can be confident that we were created by a loving God, and we were not the result of an accident!

WHAT   IF ??    ...W H A T   I F  ???

Please ask yourself:  If all the historical, scientific, and prophetic statements in the Bible are true and accurate, then what about what the Bible says about your having eternal life (or death) and about the choices you make (or do not make) now that can affect your eternal future? It is in your best interest to study it and find out what God requires of those who would be His children (Romans 8:14-16).  

Do you not think it is worth examining the Bible to see if it is, in fact, the Word of God, and to see what you must do to receive eternal life from God?

References:  This is a compilation of articles from Reason & Revelation, Apologetics Press, Montgomery, AL 36109  [Used by permission]

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