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Table of Contents


bulletSong:  Christ Is Risen From the Dead bulletM. Lynwood Smith  /  C. C. Stafford

bulletIntroduction:  The Gospel of Christ bulletAaron Risener

  1. Godís Love for Mankind bulletGlen Osburn
  2. The Infallible Word of God bulletMike Criswell
  3. The Great Commission bulletC. A. Smith
  4. Time and Judgment bulletJoe Hisle
  5. The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ bulletJim Crouch
  6. Forgiveness of Sin bulletKevin W. Presley
  7. Life After Death bulletWayne McKamie
bulletClosing Comments bulletAaron Risener

bulletSong:  Better Than Gold bulletM. Lynwood Smith

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bulletLinks bulletStudies In The Bible bullet30-Lesson Interactive Bible Correspondence Course bullethttp://www.NewTestamentChurch.org bulletAdditional Study Material

bulletCredits bulletProduced By bulletNewTestamentChurch.org  bulletDavid Risener bulletgospel@NewTestamentChurch.org bulletSongs bulletCourtesy of Rejoice Records
Praise Volume I  CD
     613 Buckaroo
     Peculiar, MO  64078 bulletCourtesy of  M. Lynwood Smith Publications
     2789 Loyd Star Lane, NW
     Wesson, MS  39191 bulletVolume I  ~  Special Thanks To bulletM. Lynwood Smith, C.C. Stafford, Larry Bradford (and singers), Glen Osburn, Mike Criswell, C.A. Smith, Joe Hisle, Kevin W. Presley, Wayne McKamie, Dennis Crawford, Monroe Hawley, Jim Crouch, Dr. Joe L.  Norton, Eric Courter, Francis Romans, Debbie Edwards, Royce Butler, Aaron Risener, Linda Risener, Shawn Risener

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